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Wow!  Nearly 2 years since my last update. What the hell has been goin' on?!

Catriona Coe - Empty PocketsWell, Andy Murray has added the title of husband to that of Wimbledon champ .  Congratulations that man!  He also just took out his first victory on clay over the superb Rafa Nadal at the Madrid Masters.  Result!  This year has also seen Scotland compete courageously at the Cricket World Cup and come so close to winning their first game ever -  next time!  They left with their heads held high with their match against Afghanistan voted one of the top 3 of the competition.  It was a nail-biter. Proud!  What they did win, was Matthew Hayden's award for best shirts.  The back of these listed the names of every cricket club in Scotland - big and small.  A nice doff of the hat to community and to the grassroots learning that allows all of us to start and to grow.

And while my sports passion has continued to lead to the growth of my Air Miles, I could never ignore my need to evolve the creative!  In and around attendance at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow and later the Ryder Cup at Gleneagles, I have had the huge privilege of playing the role of Fiona in the feature film Indefinite by Kane George Jason, Contempovision Films; I've been working away with some actor friends on a web series, Boondock Alley; and flew in from Paris to hear I'd won the role of Tammy in Linda Hewell's film Empty Pockets.  All very cool!  Oh, and I also ran my first marathon.  Lesson learned from that?  Train next time!  I was 7th last...but thanks to major encouragement from a very friendly field, I finished!!  See, it's always a team effort!

Next trip home will be to perform with team Maverick Theatre at The Edinburgh Festival Fringe in Noel O'Neills wonderful play, Holly and Ivy.  Click here for more info -  I am absolutely thrilled to get the chance to perform on home soil - home stage! - and look forward to sharing time with some of you in the crazy buzz of the world's biggest and bestest arts festival.

So, it's been busy in the break since my last update.  But busy is good.  The time we've got is the time there is, so use it well my friends.  And in the words of Jack Dawson (Leo, Titanic!)..."Make it count."

To making it matter then...and 'till next time.

Take care.

Catriona Coe

Writing this on the 8th of July, 2013.  This is the day following the 7th of July, 2013.  The 7th of July, 2013 is the day that Andy Murray won Wimbledon!

And what a day - or night, depending in which of the globe’s hemisphere’s you are living.  For lovers of tennis, of sport, and for those who simply appreciate seeing justice for endeavour…the 7th of July, 2013 is a date for the history books.  A Scotsman, holding tight to his tennis racquet and the hopes of the British nation, stood tall and strong and this time, believed. 

And belief changes everything.  From belief comes the courage to commit; from commitment, the confidence to try; from trying comes success and failure, both of which guide our effort further.  “Failure is essential to success” said Thomas Edison, and we must believe that if not to be shattered when things don’t work out.  We just need to keep trying.  Who could forget Andy’s tears of disappointment in the final in 2012?  Did he give up?  He did not.  And now?  Victory!!! 

Every small step counts and although by this time of talking to you I had hoped to be sayin’ that I had completed Draft 4 of my novel…I have not!  I have though, made progress, and that counts right?  I have also been lucky to be able to fit in small acting jobs around the work schedule just to be sure I keep in touch with what I love to do, and…keep believing I can do it! 

Catriona CoeOn a quest to indulge my introvert side, I’ve been working on a move into the Voiceover world!  Feels great to perform to an invisible audience in the quiet of my own studio!  You can check out my Voiceover Samples on my Voiceover page if you wanna have a listen!  In an aim for balance, I have not ignored my extrovert side either and am loving my new role in Radioland where I am to be found co-presenting and sports reporting for Caledonian Connections, Twin Cities 89.7fm!  Love it! 

See, small steps really do get us there!  Armed with more belief than ever then, I’m gonna keep on taking them and trekking towards my dreams and must thank fellow trekkers for the inspiration they have given me along the way.  There ain’t nothin’ like feeling you’re not alone on a journey!  We all have times when we are flying along, hurdling the obstacles on the pathways and feeling like this time, we’re goin’ all the way…only to hit the shins on a gate that was higher than we thought and end up face down in the dirt! 

But who says we can’t embrace the dirt right?  Keep smiling ‘though our teeth be full of it and carry on, in the belief that just by doing that, we really are taking ourselves closer to achieving what we know we must.  I believe I can…I believe you can…let’s keep on goin’!

Some years ago, Ayrshire poet Rabbie Burns said “Firmness in enduring and exertion is a character I always wish to possess.”  I’m with him!  ‘Cause the ability to stand strong, to keep believing and to make the effort…makes all the difference.

To diggin’ deep then…and ‘till next time.

Take care.

Catriona Coe

Well, apparently it’s nearly August! How’d that happen? With a head that’s been buried in the books, the time certainly flies. But ‘Academic Time’ 2012 is now officially over and that means….it’s time to let the creative birds out of the attic.

Happily, these birds will fly off to freedom amid the unfurling of the flags that will announce the opening of the Games of the XXX Olympiad, hosted by my GB home. And we’ll do The Games proud! Don’t be fooled by the directionless bus drivers, the threatening to strike train drivers…Britain knows what she’s doing. After all, if the only athletes to make it to the stadiums are the Brits who can walk there from their own homes, we will for sure make an impact on the Medal Board! The ‘games” may already have begun!!!

Catriona CoeAs more late nights then, are penned in on my calendar here in Western Australia, I am grateful for the staying awake practice I have had with Wimbledon, The Open and the sterling efforts of our man in yellow, Tour de France winner, Bradley Wiggins. I will continue to greet the sports filled, wee small hours in square-eyed delight and am committed to hanging in there for the long haul to support these incredible athletes as they leave it all on the track, field or in the pool. (I shan’t elaborate on how I greet my own morning and the prospect of work on limited zzzzz’s but some things happen rarely so we must embrace and revel in them while we can.)

In between sports viewing and inspired by the same, I will be commencing Draft 3 of my novel, working on a short film in September and developing some of my own scripts, written in the wintry wilds of Scotland earlier this year - nothing like a bit of extreme weather to blow out the cobwebs and invite some interesting interactions with colourful characters! (For those in Scotland reading this, don’t worry, I have changed your names!!!)

And while it may take some time for my writing or acting efforts to win me a Booker Prize or a BAFTA …I’m gonna keep trying for what I love to do. After all, Le Wiggo did not win his Maillot Jeune without consistent and repeated commitment, The Big Easy didn’t triumph to hold the Claret Jug aloft without endless and focused practice …to win, to achieve, we must first be in with a shot and that means knuckling down and doing the hard yards.

Yes, my friends, creating the opportunity to write, act or present full time is not easy but in the words of writer, poet (and aviator!) Antoine de Sainte-Exupery, “The one thing that matters is the effort.” So as we applaud the efforts of our Olympians, striving for their goals, let’s continue to work hard to achieve our own. That, I believe, is worth Gold.

To commitment and belief then…..and ‘till next time.

Take care.

Catriona Coe

Hey there! Well, what a time we've had over here and Perth is truly the place to be. With Dolly Parton, Tiger Woods and Eddie Izzard stopping in to say “Hi” following the be-suited celebs of CHOGM, I feel that finally, we are on the “trip list”! Feeling inspired, I set off to the South, on travels of my own, to take on the Anaconda Adventure Race in Augusta. A big event…and big funl!

Nothing beats racing through the wilds of the West. Speed trekking through the bush, coasteering elf-like over rocky beach and swimming fully clothed across rivers, before dressing like seals and taking on the Great Southern Ocean…..and all that lies beneath. My team mate and I came over the line super-chuffed, sore, and smiling. Here’s to us!!!

So, what’s to love about this sport? Simple, the sense of space without boundaries. Forget the endless circuits of any laid out track, this is the challenge of the great outdoors in all its vast glory. If you haven’t done it, you need to. Hear Mel’s cry as he donned the blue and white face paint in Braveheart…”Freedom”…that’s how it feels and after the oft-times confines of modern life, it’s bloody marvelous.

The Children's Hour Catriona Coe

And marvelous it is too to be looking forward to a season back on the stage. The Dolphin Theatre will be where you’ll find me for the next few weeks, playing the role of Martha in The Children’s Hour by U.S. playwright Lillian Hellman. Recently staged in the West End of London, this is a play that reflects the impacts of conversations overheard and the destruction that can result from a lie. Powerful stuff. (Click here for more info, show dates and ticket sales:

When our run on the boards is over, while always sad to pack away a character and to see her world dismantled as the set comes apart, there are more things afoot a-future to keep me happy! A Christmas at home in (hopefully) Snowy Scotland, my sister’s wedding and some presenting work back in the homeland! I will keep you all as up-to-date as you are interested to be, in installments to come.

For now though, I encourage us all to keep seeking adventure in life, whatever form it takes. And in the words of Mr W. Somerset Maugham, will offer the reminder that “excess on occasion is exhilarating because it prevents moderation from acquiring the deadening effect of a habit”.

To pushing our limits then…..and ‘till next time.

Take care.

The Children's Hour Catriona Coe

Hey y’all!

Thought about calling this page of my site “What’s cookin’?” as it seems the likelihood of gaining screen time these days increases tenfold if you are a chef! Sadly though, I am not a chef, a cook or even a baker. I am champion re-heater who is more often out than in! But, being out and being busy with what you love….well, that’s a good thing right?

Good thing too is when you get to see your hard work come together and especially good when you can see it come together on the big screen! That’s right folks, I have finally made it. “Where too?” you ask and “Was it worth it?”.

The answer is to Cinema Paradiso and yes, this journey has been well worth the taking. Planet Raw have just launched the short film Potato Peelers written and directed by Wayne Nicholson and starring…Fern Nicholson, Nina Deasley and…well….ME!!

Potato Peelers Catriona CoeHuge thanks to everyone involved in this production and I look forward to sharing with anyone reading this, more news about the Potato Peelers journey and indeed, where it may lead!

For me, for now, it’s time to head away from the screen and back to the thrill of live performance! I’ll keep you posted with details and dates for my next production, The Children’s Hour to be staged at the Dolphin Theatre in November.

For now though, my cooking utensils will remain resting in their cupboards and I’ll continue to be out there stepping further into the challenges of the creative world.

And for fellow travellers with me on this journey, I’ll leave you with some words from the Bard of Ayrshire, Rabbie Burns who reminds us that “ whatever danger there may be in going forward, there is much more hazard in turning back.”

To movin’ on then….and ‘till next time.

Take care.

Potato Peelers Catriona Coe

Catriona Coe

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