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Writing this on the 8th of July, 2013.  This is the day following the 7th of July, 2013.  The 7th of July, 2013 is the day that Andy Murray won Wimbledon!

And what a day - or night, depending in which of the globe’s hemisphere’s you are living.  For lovers of tennis, of sport, and for those who simply appreciate seeing justice for endeavour…the 7th of July, 2013 is a date for the history books.  A Scotsman, holding tight to his tennis racquet and the hopes of the British nation, stood tall and strong and this time, believed. 

And belief changes everything.  From belief comes the courage to commit; from commitment, the confidence to try; from trying comes success and failure, both of which guide our effort further.  “Failure is essential to success” said Thomas Edison, and we must believe that if not to be shattered when things don’t work out.  We just need to keep trying.  Who could forget Andy’s tears of disappointment in the final in 2012?  Did he give up?  He did not.  And now?  Victory!!! 

Every small step counts and although by this time of talking to you I had hoped to be sayin’ that I had completed Draft 4 of my novel…I have not!  I have though, made progress, and that counts right?  I have also been lucky to be able to fit in small acting jobs around the work schedule just to be sure I keep in touch with what I love to do, and…keep believing I can do it! 

Catriona CoeOn a quest to indulge my introvert side, I’ve been working on a move into the Voiceover world!  Feels great to perform to an invisible audience in the quiet of my own studio!  You can check out my Voiceover Samples on my Voiceover page if you wanna have a listen!  In an aim for balance, I have not ignored my extrovert side either and am loving my new role in Radioland where I am to be found co-presenting and sports reporting for Caledonian Connections, Twin Cities 89.7fm!  Love it! 

See, small steps really do get us there!  Armed with more belief than ever then, I’m gonna keep on taking them and trekking towards my dreams and must thank fellow trekkers for the inspiration they have given me along the way.  There ain’t nothin’ like feeling you’re not alone on a journey!  We all have times when we are flying along, hurdling the obstacles on the pathways and feeling like this time, we’re goin’ all the way…only to hit the shins on a gate that was higher than we thought and end up face down in the dirt! 

But who says we can’t embrace the dirt right?  Keep smiling ‘though our teeth be full of it and carry on, in the belief that just by doing that, we really are taking ourselves closer to achieving what we know we must.  I believe I can…I believe you can…let’s keep on goin’!

Some years ago, Ayrshire poet Rabbie Burns said “Firmness in enduring and exertion is a character I always wish to possess.”  I’m with him!  ‘Cause the ability to stand strong, to keep believing and to make the effort…makes all the difference.

To diggin’ deep then…and ‘till next time.

Take care.

Catriona Coe

Catriona Coe

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