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Hey there! Well, what a time we've had over here and Perth is truly the place to be. With Dolly Parton, Tiger Woods and Eddie Izzard stopping in to say “Hi” following the be-suited celebs of CHOGM, I feel that finally, we are on the “trip list”! Feeling inspired, I set off to the South, on travels of my own, to take on the Anaconda Adventure Race in Augusta. A big event…and big funl!

Nothing beats racing through the wilds of the West. Speed trekking through the bush, coasteering elf-like over rocky beach and swimming fully clothed across rivers, before dressing like seals and taking on the Great Southern Ocean…..and all that lies beneath. My team mate and I came over the line super-chuffed, sore, and smiling. Here’s to us!!!

So, what’s to love about this sport? Simple, the sense of space without boundaries. Forget the endless circuits of any laid out track, this is the challenge of the great outdoors in all its vast glory. If you haven’t done it, you need to. Hear Mel’s cry as he donned the blue and white face paint in Braveheart…”Freedom”…that’s how it feels and after the oft-times confines of modern life, it’s bloody marvelous.

The Children's Hour Catriona Coe

And marvelous it is too to be looking forward to a season back on the stage. The Dolphin Theatre will be where you’ll find me for the next few weeks, playing the role of Martha in The Children’s Hour by U.S. playwright Lillian Hellman. Recently staged in the West End of London, this is a play that reflects the impacts of conversations overheard and the destruction that can result from a lie. Powerful stuff. (Click here for more info, show dates and ticket sales:

When our run on the boards is over, while always sad to pack away a character and to see her world dismantled as the set comes apart, there are more things afoot a-future to keep me happy! A Christmas at home in (hopefully) Snowy Scotland, my sister’s wedding and some presenting work back in the homeland! I will keep you all as up-to-date as you are interested to be, in installments to come.

For now though, I encourage us all to keep seeking adventure in life, whatever form it takes. And in the words of Mr W. Somerset Maugham, will offer the reminder that “excess on occasion is exhilarating because it prevents moderation from acquiring the deadening effect of a habit”.

To pushing our limits then…..and ‘till next time.

Take care.

The Children's Hour Catriona Coe

Catriona Coe

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