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Hey y’all!

Thought about calling this page of my site “What’s cookin’?” as it seems the likelihood of gaining screen time these days increases tenfold if you are a chef! Sadly though, I am not a chef, a cook or even a baker. I am champion re-heater who is more often out than in! But, being out and being busy with what you love….well, that’s a good thing right?

Good thing too is when you get to see your hard work come together and especially good when you can see it come together on the big screen! That’s right folks, I have finally made it. “Where too?” you ask and “Was it worth it?”.

The answer is to Cinema Paradiso and yes, this journey has been well worth the taking. Planet Raw have just launched the short film Potato Peelers written and directed by Wayne Nicholson and starring…Fern Nicholson, Nina Deasley and…well….ME!!

Potato Peelers Catriona CoeHuge thanks to everyone involved in this production and I look forward to sharing with anyone reading this, more news about the Potato Peelers journey and indeed, where it may lead!

For me, for now, it’s time to head away from the screen and back to the thrill of live performance! I’ll keep you posted with details and dates for my next production, The Children’s Hour to be staged at the Dolphin Theatre in November.

For now though, my cooking utensils will remain resting in their cupboards and I’ll continue to be out there stepping further into the challenges of the creative world.

And for fellow travellers with me on this journey, I’ll leave you with some words from the Bard of Ayrshire, Rabbie Burns who reminds us that “ whatever danger there may be in going forward, there is much more hazard in turning back.”

To movin’ on then….and ‘till next time.

Take care.

Potato Peelers Catriona Coe

Catriona Coe

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