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Wow!  Nearly 2 years since my last update. What the hell has been goin' on?!

Catriona Coe - Empty PocketsWell, Andy Murray has added the title of husband to that of Wimbledon champ .  Congratulations that man!  He also just took out his first victory on clay over the superb Rafa Nadal at the Madrid Masters.  Result!  This year has also seen Scotland compete courageously at the Cricket World Cup and come so close to winning their first game ever -  next time!  They left with their heads held high with their match against Afghanistan voted one of the top 3 of the competition.  It was a nail-biter. Proud!  What they did win, was Matthew Hayden's award for best shirts.  The back of these listed the names of every cricket club in Scotland - big and small.  A nice doff of the hat to community and to the grassroots learning that allows all of us to start and to grow.

And while my sports passion has continued to lead to the growth of my Air Miles, I could never ignore my need to evolve the creative!  In and around attendance at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow and later the Ryder Cup at Gleneagles, I have had the huge privilege of playing the role of Fiona in the feature film Indefinite by Kane George Jason, Contempovision Films; I've been working away with some actor friends on a web series, Boondock Alley; and flew in from Paris to hear I'd won the role of Tammy in Linda Hewell's film Empty Pockets.  All very cool!  Oh, and I also ran my first marathon.  Lesson learned from that?  Train next time!  I was 7th last...but thanks to major encouragement from a very friendly field, I finished!!  See, it's always a team effort!

Next trip home will be to perform with team Maverick Theatre at The Edinburgh Festival Fringe in Noel O'Neills wonderful play, Holly and Ivy.  Click here for more info -  I am absolutely thrilled to get the chance to perform on home soil - home stage! - and look forward to sharing time with some of you in the crazy buzz of the world's biggest and bestest arts festival.

So, it's been busy in the break since my last update.  But busy is good.  The time we've got is the time there is, so use it well my friends.  And in the words of Jack Dawson (Leo, Titanic!)..."Make it count."

To making it matter then...and 'till next time.

Take care.

Catriona Coe

Catriona Coe

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